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Loving you, you are the one
You have my heart, you are the one
Everything we do, we are one
You in my life, butterflies come
When I look at you
My body melts through
When I talk to you
My mind becomes huge
In my life we are one.

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You are my everything
You mean all to me
Together we are complete
Rfiting as one
Waiting for legends to come
That smile on your face
We are a team
Sitting next to me
My heart belongs to you
You mean all to me
You are my everything

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Letters Rising

Walking around the house thinking of you
When you are far off out of town my mind is blue
Cheering up as the days come closer seeing you
You are my everything, my soul mate
From the first time I met you, you were my fate
Focussed on you my everything

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Watching you type away
Hearing you squeal away
Smiling the best this way
Bringing in all you have to say
What do you bring to this world
The joy is silent, loud to this world
Touching as you type away
Feeling you laugh away
Squealing all you have to say
What have you left to this world
Your joy is loud to this world

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Is all I see
You are all I need
Is everything right
You are my need
Let blue flow
Stay tonight…

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She’ll Come When She Needs to Come

Don’t be afraid
Watching you away
Passion and those things
You’ll make everything
They can say you broke bold, until you make gold
Don’t go before you come
And when the earth falls down and you release
You will make anything
No fear before you come before and after these things…

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