Sugih heated up some leftovers for dinner.


What kind of fruit do you want?

Subject numerals in Arabic language is quite difficult.

I've been a musician pretty much my whole life and I have no intention of giving up on music.

Doyle punched Kylo in the stomach.

You're a good actor, pretending you were late because you don't feel well.

We should stop seeing each other.

You both seem bitter.


He is telling us what he did in the summer vacation.


They are all in arms.

I just remembered what I had to tell you.

I think that it'll start raining soon.

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I hope you're well rested.

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He never said it again.

I thought Everett should tell you.

I still think it's unlikely that we'll ever find someone to replace Nichael.

Whichever highway you decide on, it will be crowded with cars and trucks.

Jock couldn't understand what the sign meant.


He's on top of the world after hearing the good news.


Nathan was depressed when she saw photos of her friends on Facebook at a party she hadn't been invited to.

These are your things.

I've been trying to call Rakhal, but I keep accidentally calling you instead.


Sadly, it's not a photomontage!

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She went so far as to say that he was a swindler.

She put on her sister's jeans and looked in the mirror.

Guido didn't finish the marathon.

I love the way you hold me.

Ninja didn't let me answer Eliot's questions.

Maria tried to adjust the temperature of the shower.

Do you think we should've stayed a little longer?

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Which one is cheaper?

No one can understand how the accident happened.

The defendant is free to go.

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Where's the girl?

Theirs is not as old as ours.

I wish I had obeyed his directions.

Don't worry about it, I'll go myself.

Nobody can live to be two hundred years old.

I'm looking for them now.

We just want the truth.

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A noise aroused me from my sleep.


Sanand took a long warm bath.

Vickie smiled approvingly.

The problem has come to the fore again.

Who do you think I should ask?

Is Japanese taught in your school now?

Now he has nothing to live for.

As elsewhere in India, growth most often occurs despite the government rather than because of it.


Pravin has lived in Boston all his life.

Would you like a bigger one?

Do you have any Bitcoins?


Man is the only animal that uses fire.

Is there room for me in your car?

It happened at a quarter past eleven.

Moses and his friends sat around the campfire and sang songs.

It makes me constantly depressed.

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He lives across the street from us.

The employees treat everything the company president says as a golden rule.

The hill looks low from here.

Darin opened the window even though his mother told him not to.

Why do you always have to overcomplicate things?


I couldn't have not asked Chip this question.


I punched him in the chin.

Go to the doctor at once!

Cristi was intimate with Carsten.


We've all got to do better.

I have recently used the services of his travel agency to book a cruise in the Mediterranean.

He is not alone in this opinion.

I ran into a friend while walking in Ginza.

Would you like to buy this?

Ahmet is the more attractive of the two.

The father will look after her all by himself.

Congratulations, and thanks for everything!

He's nervous and gets scared easily.

We've been here for a couple of minutes.

You're going to have to talk about what happened.

I can't find it. Are you sure it's here?

I was about to go look for you.

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It's raining cats and dogs here.

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These taxes raised the prices on all goods.

Teachers are becoming more important.

But his friends got together to help him.

Niels's future is bright.

He warned against violence.


I'm a merchant.


Explorers looked for shortcuts in space-time to meander serendipitously through the universe.

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Don't make fun of him.


I'll probably see you there.


"These are but shadows of the things that have been," said the Ghost. "They have no consciousness of us."

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As many as 400 passengers were killed in the crash.

Can I count on them?

I know June isn't happy here.

The young man got up hurriedly, stammered a few words and in a moment was gone.

The country was in a state of anarchy at that time.

Our teacher told us to go out into the ground at once.

I'm glad it worked out.

Who would have been your sweetheart if I had never met you?

Bob is such a nice person that everybody likes him.


Who gave away the bride?

No money was stolen.

We could see them.

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What've you been doing?

An army was divided into the vanguard, the rearguard and the main body.

Just tell me what you want me to do and I'll do it.


Wow, this brings back memories. This is a picture of when I was five years old.

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What country were you born in?


I repaired one.


There are both merits and demerits in anything.

The girl was not downright homely.

Those were Tahsin's last words.

Has he met them today?

She did it a few times.

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Vote for him.

I divided the bread into two pieces.

Last year doctors urged parents of newborns to have them vaccinated against whooping cough.

The newcomers were quickly absorbed into the community.

I'm sick and tired of you always parking in my space.


Rajarshi said he wanted to go to business school.

Sherri wants me to stay away from him.

Why did they dislike you?

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She asked for a pen.

They ate and drank wine.

I had difficulty convincing her of the dangers of smoking.

She rarely sings, but I think she will tonight.

I stole it from them.

This is a public place.

I'm not sure I want Malaclypse working for us.

Why are you asking me these questions?


Lievaart can barely walk.

Teresa was certainly impressed.

Soohong hasn't bought his ticket yet.

I bought him a clock.

I thought Adlai would be upset.

The same thing happened to me once.

Addiction is one of the problems of the youth of our day.

I won't say much.

Don't let him distract you.

Christie may not want to go swimming with us.

Apetizers are small dishes served before a meal.

Are you based in Boston?

Murray just got his braces off.


Did you tell Kerry about the fire?

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Do you have any other ideas?

I can't see you tonight.

It started raining, so I took shelter under my friend's umbrella.

Derek likes people similar to himself.

Kyung buried her toes in the warm sand.

Dan did not get from Linda the love he was looking for in return.

I met him at the station.

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I thought it would be fun.

My expertise at the Space Academy was astrobiology, aka exobiology.

She is senior to me by two years.

I'm a terrible swimmer.

I can't bear to look at him.

Thanks for nothing, Skip.

It'll be light soon.

My wife is obsessed with cleanliness.

"Want a beer?" "Beer? No thank you; I don't touch the stuff."