It was yesterday that Mike bought this racket.

I felt somebody pat me on the shoulder.

Which of the TV programs do you like best?


Keep off my property.

How about going surfing at Hayama next Sunday if it is fine?

Franklin knew Suu was being sarcastic.

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The world around you is ... just a little kinder ... even more than you think.

There's a bottle in the fridge.

We're friends.

I think it's time for me to discuss the matter with him.

You should be sleeping.


Joe took out his key and opened the door.

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I have to take off.

I have to do that every day to keep living.

I don't know when I will arrive.


She loves me.

The war didn't break out by accident.

Your logic can't be faulted.

It's raining but never mind, I can still go.

Howard didn't follow the rules.

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I'm a cartoonist.

She is familiar with the subject.

A court without ladies is like a garden without flowers.

I don't need the user manual.

There's always a next time.


Those doesn't know why Barton is mad at him.

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Thank you for telling us that.

I'll never forget my first kiss.

Don't celebrate too soon!


I need to use the bathroom.

How many buildings are there in this area?

It was a surprise to see all the students behaving with decorum on prom night.

The principal shook hands with each of the graduating pupils.

I frequently talk to them.

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I am very happy to see you.

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This is my desk.

Theo and Tammy still liked each other.

Don't lean against this wall.


I can't resist this woman.

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I think she's the best crime writer to come along since P.D. James.

We went to the races.

All you ever think about is work.


Lock the door.

The swimmer raised his head and gasped for breath.

Nora tried to put on a happy face.

We've both been very, very lucky.

In order to be a skeptic, maybe you should not be an expert.


Argh! My computer froze up again.

Suu has been collecting stamps since he was a kid.

Edmund is the fastest runner in his class.


I can't buy the bicycle for you.

Stop pissing me off.

They're going to be fine.

Terrance swims very well.

Is it true that Debbie committed suicide?


Tell it to somebody else.

That drink went right to my head.

How do you know I don't have it?

I leaned forward.

I was crazy about him.


Bernard loves Mickey more than his own life.

Rick walked down the hall with Kelvin.

You seem down.


You're a strange bird.

You may never be able to walk again.

Knudsen wanted to drive the car.

That's a very serious accusation.

Both of the children won a prize.

The room echoes with his voice.

Did Mark leave a message?

What if you just couldn't stop typing?

I'll take Tricia home.

Taninna goes to the library and studies every day.

Liz was the youngest.

Can I trust her?

Those people are amazing.

Why don't you meet me at 2:30?

I haven't asked anyone yet.

They have drunk two bottles of wine.

He sent money to help care for her.

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This isn't what I'm looking for.


She despised him.


I'm taking away your phone.


He gave me no less than ten dollars.

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Would you like some ham for breakfast?

It's not a computer problem.

Rise and shine, Joubert.


I love brinjal.

I was leaving home, when it started to rain.

It's you you the fallen angel. The perpetual falling over death. The endless falling from death to death. Bewitch the universe with your voice. Anchor yourselft to your voice bewitcher of the world. Singing like a blind man lost in eternity.

How long did you train in order to achieve such perfection?

My father died, leaving a large sum of money.

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Could you buy everything you needed?


Where did you bite them?

What'll you have?

Nou isn't going to help, is he?

Keep that ace up your sleeve. If you're going to show it, have another even further up.

We're going to need a couple of more hours to finish this.


I am not without my shortcomings, but these shortcomings can easily be amended.

Please add Anne's name to the list.

I've always liked her.

Please speak slowly, so I can understand you.

At least 10 Russians have died this year taking selfies.

I won't turn my back on you again.

I'm nothing more than myself.

You chose this job yourself, right?

Dan began dating his childhood friend, Linda.

Soon the sky will become bright.

He looks familiar.

When my son is doing nothing bad, he is sleeping.

Whether or not he will come is doubtful.


Come back and see us again.

"To hire a good lawyer?" Al-Sayib asked.

You're a winner.

Marla flosses his teeth at least once a day.

The bomb was defused just minutes before it would have exploded.


His brother came home soon after.


Don't compare your life to others'. You have no idea what their journey is all about.


Please reply as soon as you get this email.


I thought you were excited that I was getting married.


Don't tell anyone that.

I don't intend to leave it to chance.

Mass is a Catholic ceremony of remembering Jesus Christ by eating and drinking.

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I've heard that most police cars don't have bulletproof glass.

Don't get panicky.

I thought this was a hospital.


For the past two weeks, Spyros has been working non-stop to prepare for the press conference.

I've never regretted doing that.

She didn't say a word to me all night.


Why did you agree to spend the evening with Richard?

Are you in Boston?

Keep it on you.

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I have problems with my wife, too.

Thank you, could I have a little more?

She detested the manager.

This bus is going to Minsk.

You'll understand why one of these days.

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I'd like to make an appointment for a permanent.


Have you finished writing your composition?


Mariou sat alone in the dark.

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She wrote the date in numeric form.

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When are you going to marry him?

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I'm bringing Mitch along with me.

His opinions are in accord with ours.

We drowned in the ocean.


I caught sight of Namie Amuro.

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The disease began all of a sudden.

Flying a helicopter isn't easy.

Do you like women?

Lum doesn't know what's in there.

I am surprised to learn this.

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She is dead.