Can you do me a favor?

I really don't have a lot of money.

Dan didn't even come in.

Seychelles is called "Sesel" in Seychellois Creole.

Did Gil give any other suggestions?

Centipedes and millipedes aren't insects but myriapods.


Christopher is unkempt.

Nothing else can go wrong.

I asked Earle where he lived.

I'd like to speak with them.

I like to participate in this project.

The baby has gotten rid of its cold.

She gave him a present.

This is not butter. It's margarine.

We measured the electricity used during air cooling in the same way as heating, and compared the old model air conditioner to the energy conservation (2001) model.


Where have you been all this while?

I am not a woman with strange humors.

Judge is a rabbi.

I'm getting dressed right after I eat breakfast.

I hope it will be nice.

All rebels were already dead.

That's exactly what I wished for.

I fail to see your point.

They shared an unusual connection.

Jagath wanted to carry Vic over the threshold.

I'm very embarrassed.

School being over, we went home.

Why would I be mad at you?

Bernard told Nicholas exactly what to do.

Both men died instantly.

I shouldn't have borrowed Rainer's hammer.

I don't feel like working. How about going to a movie instead?

I would like to exchange this dress that I bought yesterday.

I left my jacket in the classroom.

I am not musical, but I like to sing in the shower.

Bob became a preacher.

Let's hope the situation doesn't get any worse.

Which woman do you stay with?

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I already know they're not hiring.

You've got more important things to worry about.

Jared is not a happy man.


I'll take that chance.

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Erwin decided it was time to go home.

I still love it.

Mental exercise is particularly important for young children.

That was a lucky shot.

Are you telling the truth?

He was born on the 28th July 1888.

Pete wasn't the only survivor.

I sent her home.

I'll leave you to it.

I don't think my gift meant very much to Merton.

If Sri's not careful, he's going to get injured.

Next week a family will move in.

I like the silhouette these clothes give me.


This is an interesting thing.

You should go too!

For how many hours can you sit in front of the computer?

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I promise I won't look.

Be sure to pass the exams.

Carsten was given a six-month suspended sentence.

I thank you for your kindness.

What a bunch of malarkey!


It's a way of making sure that the controller is not too aggressive.

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I'm not a baby anymore!


-3 is the result of applying the expression -(+3).

We don't serve people like you.

He is not dumb.


The girl's voice became weaker and weaker.


I'll be sure Rogue gets the message.

We talked about what had happened to us when we were kids.

No sooner had the younger brother gone into the forest than he found the river, swam across it, and there on the other side was the she-bear, fast asleep.

I explained the accident to him.

I've already made amends to most of the people on my list.

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We buy eggs by the dozen.


I am never free from worries about my child.

I'd like to hear from him.

I must buy shoes.

You're both crazy.

I'll let them tell you.

She has been going out with him for about two years.

Your students aren't likely to do exactly as they're told.

I have no idea what Kevin's problem is.

I don't know anything about geology.

Even gods die when no one believes in them any longer.

What happened tonight?

He was sentenced to community service.

It's just an attempt on his part to maximize profits, as much as possible, in the last moments of negotiations.


Islamabad is the capital of Pakistan.

I like jazz music.

Dalton felt guilty about the way he'd treated Lester.

'Aha', they will say.

I like it when you talk dirty to me!

He is a bus driver.

Sharan didn't want to be a lawyer or a doctor.


My job keeps me pretty busy.

He studies in a night school for adults.

I saw them kill it.

Her explanation concerning that matter matches yours.

Don't stay too long!

Eileen could understand what Josh was trying to say.

Something's happened to them.

The following is my actual address.

I read books.

Is that your briefcase?

This is a really bad time.

Jeanne lives in a huge house.

It took only ten minutes to walk there.


Konrad walked backwards, retracing his steps.

He wants you dead.

Five years is too long to wait.


Japanese should not forget that America is a multiracial nation.

Daniel was depressed.

What's your favorite opera?


Now leave me.

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Root will turn thirty in October.

The roses in my garden are beautiful.

Tomas has done everything he wanted to do.


Bonnie commutes by train.

He liked eating Turkish delight, lokum.

I heard Sridharan arguing with Bruno.

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In the Tokyo stock market, stocks of about 450 companies are traded over the counter.

I lived there for years.

Gusty winds are making travel hazardous for high profile vehicles.


I know what I did was wrong.


I'm playing with a computer.

That's a pretty big job to do all by yourself.

He's a lifeguard.

There are books on my bookshelf that I haven't read.

They've never met.

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Olaf had an out-of body experience while meditating.

The office was deserted.

You drove me crazy.


It revived with even greater vigor.


Chris wanted to buy those boots.

The stars are beautiful.

Audrey asked me out.

He was caught in the very act of stealing it.

I just saw her.

Feast all night and fight all day!

There's nothing in the bucket.


Now that you are no longer young, you must think of your future.

It's really cute.

Is there something you wanted?


Have you ever slept on a water bed?

A true friendship will last forever.

How did Fletcher react?

He's not serious about her at all - he's just playing with her.

Now that you mention it, what happened to that man who used to work here?

How do you know it's not real?

Objection denied.

I got up at about six.

Michiel asked her family for a loan.

I can't speak Klingon.

Everyone was so happy.


I want it back.

The nurses turned the patient regularly in order to prevent pressure sores.

Honzo has tricked you.

School begins on April 5th.

Your first draft was fine.


Sergeant was the first who went mad, lieutenant just simply hung himself.

Jesper was very angry and I was, too.

This is so cool!

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Every time I see you, I think of your father.


You're too young to die.

Our country desires only peace.

This poem was written last night.