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Do you think Ricky is sympathetic?

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Don't be discouraged.

The child began to cry at the sight of the dog.

Kory had trouble finding a public telephone.


I was hoping for something a little more useful.

Woody says he'll never do that.

If I'd been here, none of this would've happened.

You are my true friend!

The roof of our house is leaking.

The cafeteria was self-service.

Are you telling me you've never studied French?

Why is love so complicated?

This won't hurt at all.

"What! You're still with that guy?" and we answer: "What can I do! I LOVE him!"

The slogan for the day dedicated to counter extremism was, "rainbow colours instead of brown."

I've started dating again.

I promised him I'd translate the whole interface.


I'm afraid of heights.

Thank you for doing this.

That doesn't mean a thing.

We will eventually meet today.

Could you initial here?

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Most countries indulge in a little historical revisionism.

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Look, I'm really sorry, OK?


Will you turn on the TV?

Give the book back to me when you have done with it.

I hate seeing you like this.

I spent the weekend with my friends.

We made out like bandits.

People used to laugh at him behind his back.

I have to pass this exam.

He was an intelligent and practical man.

I know that you love me.

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Val promised to keep what Malloy told him under his hat.

This stuff tastes awful.

Where did they come from?


They walked two abreast.


The Van Horn family was prosperous.


What do you find attractive about him?

Have you noticed anything strange?

You can let Kyung go now.


His hard life is telling on his health.

Galen was able to work with renewed vigour after taking a short break.

Lyndon was armed with a kitchen knife.


My mouth is clean.

Maybe there's something we missed.

Don't look down.

Have you ever been to the end of the world?

Move it along, Naresh.

Canopus is the brightest star in the constellation Carina.

According to Derek, you weren't in class today.

We carry out some research into the causes of brain damage.

The vote took place on May sixteenth.

Lowell blow-dried his hair.

You look stunning!

I barely slept last night.

It seems that his father is a lawyer.

When we are away from home, nothing gives us more pleasure than to receive a parcel from home.

A Japanese would never do such a thing.

There's a white dove on the roof.

Tone of voice can indicate anger and irony.

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I hope that Lynn wasn't mistaken.

Drew would do anything to get Rees's attention.

I've got one for you.

He himself did it.

You were just acting?

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I've finished typing the report.

What he has once heard he never forgets.

I'm not always right.

To encourage conciseness the professor asked for a composition on a subject of our choosing and advised us that he would deduct one mark for each unnecessary word.

When was the last time you lost your keys?


A language isolate is a language with no demonstrable relationship with other languages.

We want you to have fun.

Let's look at some options.

Everybody is a slave to the current socioeconomic system that was invented through the years by unintelligent people.

Lonhyn did everything within his power to keep Sandip from being elected president of the student council.


The boy grew up to be a famous scientist.


He is looked up to for his breadth of mind.


Winter weather is extremely hard in this area.

The mountains, too, at a distance appear airy masses and smooth, but seen near at hand, they are rough.

Yes, I'll have sherry.

We should lower our voices.

Tibetan rug weavers use traditional designs and knotting. Hence their rugs have a simple, natural look.

Jim is teaching me how to swim.

I don't sleep much.

I'm surprised you moved back to Boston.

Are they talking about them?


I'm ambivalent about what we're attempting here.

Joseph is in the garden.

You could stay.

Where is the stage door?

Barrio is an excellent lawyer.

Ronald is the owner of a liquor shop.

I'm not exactly sure why.

Cole doesn't know what's really going on.

Isn't there supposed to be a 50 percent off sale at that store any time now?

Arnold got an A on his last French test.

Teak is a tall tree from Asia.

We were late for school because it rained heavily.

He's just a liar.

He was traded, so to speak, to the rival firm.

This is a business paper.

Raul helped Jagath escape.

I'm thinking about it.

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I have never been particularly strong in mathematics.

Presley is the strongest.

Upon getting home, I went straight to bed.

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Judy dropped his cup and broke it.


I think you deserve this.

This is Huey's canary.

Nikolai was hit.

I wish you'd call him.

I don't like books with more than five hundred pages.


I think Ginny has been disloyal.

Oregon is just south of Washington.

Never mind what he said.


"Whose goats are these?" "They are Yamina's."

Olga has been playing the cello since she was 8 years old.

He put the painting at a very high price.

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Having lost the battle of wits, Darren was forced into a shameful exile.

Did I ever tell you about Cindy?

This one looks pretty good.


Brender will lose weight.

Do you know where she's gone?

She comes to see me from time to time.

She heard him sing.

Do you want to become famous?

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I think we're almost done.

Tran can't even finish a simple job without help.

Metin is an ingenuous student.

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Please remove the tartar from my teeth.

Let's give this a shot.

My uncle had a kiwi vine on his porch. The fruit was delicious.


She was a child, but she wasn't afraid.


I think so too.

Who did you and Malcolm work for?

Roxanne can't back down now.

Not all of us who have dyslexia mixed up "d" and "b" when we were little.

I don't think Bruce will be at school tomorrow.

Pluto is tilted 122.5 degrees on its axis, which basically means that it is rotating on its head!

It must be time for dinner: I'm terribly hungry.

He ran so fast that he was out of breath.

It's not much of a plan.


Everybody desires happiness.


We've never seen things like this before, and so it's happening again!

We exchanged phone numbers.

Be more careful from now on.

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We just fed the baby.

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How much will it cost me?

That's why I loved you.

I think Tal is going to propose to you tonight.

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He was to have started that day.

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I don't have the money to buy that book.

Could you show me the way to the train station?

"Bryce, you do know this is a public forum, don't you? Throwing a hissy fit because people happened to misinterpret your Facebook post makes you seem controlling and humourless, and more or less guarantees still more mocking responses."

Pratt wants to donate money.

She would be proud of me!

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I want to make more money than my parents.

It's just a tale.

We had to let them go.

That's really a great idea.

I can only hope that in time you'll forgive me.