Violence must be eradicated.

The regions with the fewest natural resources rely on importation to increase their standard of living.

We finally arrived at the ski hill... the snow had turned into rain.

Read newspapers at least lest you should be left behind the times.

Lou handed a note to me.

Her arms and legs are long.

Please say hello to your parents.

Surprisingly enough, Markku turned out to be a thief.

Father often helps me with my homework.

We are very drunk.


No one has seen us.


What's your favorite way to relax?

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Don't grow up. It's a trap!

Do you know how many people turned up at the dance last week?

Who are you supposed to be?


We can't send him out there.


The train left the station and was soon lost in sight.

Dan waited in the emergency room hallway to hear the status of Linda's condition.

John is wrestling with Arne.


I was off work for three weeks.

She looked like a fairy in her beautiful white dress.

I want the class to be silent.

Maybe they just don't like you.

Let's send Vadim a sympathy card.


Sydney is miles away from here.


She is not being careful.

You'd better hurry up.

Percussion gives a nice touch to the melody.


The party gained ground rapidly.


I liked the sour cherry strudel and the nut filled strudel.

I know what got her rattled.

It was very enjoyable.

They like their life.

Are you hurt anywhere?

Do I exist?

Guillermo finally mustered up the courage to ask Marcos to go out with him.

It is high time we aired some of our gripes.

How many misfortunes these poor children have suffered!

We can't keep this up for much longer.

At first I did not like rock music, but now I do.


They finally appeared to arms.

Lin gave Teri flowers and chocolate on their anniversary.

Every preposition has a definite, fixed meaning, but if we have to use some kind of preposition and the sense doesn't tell us what kind of preposition we should use, then we use the preposition "je", which has no specific meaning.

I cannot see the advantage of doing that.

Chet didn't want to argue with Frederic, so he let the matter drop.


We have no rainy day fund. If something unexpected pops up, we will be unable to cope.


It is he who is to blame.

I like it when Deborah does that.

The decision was in favor of the defendant.


I can't sleep at all!

It's going to rain soon. Look at those black clouds.

I can sing.


How amazing that your mother speaks six languages!

Bob must feel lonely.

Fasten your seat belts while you are driving.

If you're happy, so am I.

It's not like it used to be.

Who can fly better, a fly or a pilot?

That's all the information we need right now.

There's going to be a math test tomorrow.

The soldiers turned traitor.


This was my mistake.

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They called on him to provide evidence.

I'll just be out the back for a while.

Warren has really good ideas.


The guy you want to talk to left two hours ago.

The farmers use water buffalos to plow rice fields.

Formerly this harbor was prosperous.

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I don't know how I should do it.

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Do I have to eat with her?


Hopefully, everything will turn out all right.

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I'm very happy to make your acquaintance.

It's foolish to read such a magazine.

Ping found your keys.

He came home later than usual.

Get to the point.

He hates parties.

Margaret liked what Theodore said.


I forgot to put my phone on the charger last night.

Many words are acquired through reading.

Lucius made everybody feel at ease.

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He stopped smoking.

Heinrich went downtown.

What are you?


Sedovic has a son who's a policeman.

We're doing the same old routine: going bar hopping and then to karaoke.

Do you think Edgar followed Emil's advice?

How much longer will we have to wait?

I want to talk about them.


Distrust of the Social Insurance Agency and the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare just keeps getting stronger.

He has experience of foreign travel.

What was the determining factor in this case?


This is how Scott and his men arrived at the South Pole.

I'd like to study French next year.

I think that's the guy who attacked me.

I'll write you as soon as I arrive there.

I know my rights.

The company's profitability improved.

What time do you usually bathe the baby?


Sedat couldn't hear what Cynthia was saying.


You just like watching TV, so you think that what I do in my spare time is so intense.

Dieter didn't come, nor did Jane.

I'll go back home with you.

Speak to him in English.

He has a penchant for whistling at pretty ladies he sees on the street.

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You really believe in ghosts?

Liberland is a micronation.

Sumitro treated Jeanne very well.


A woman must be a genius to create a good husband.

I should get back to work.

Patrice has a lot of patience.

She spilled coffee on the table.

What's the connection?

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I'd say that about covers it.

Felipe has two cars and one motorcycle.

I'll blame it all on you.


I told you not to talk to me.

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Bright is the ring of words when the right man rings them.

Mr. Sato collapsed from exhaustion.

That will be ten dollars.

It was real scary.

Ken did that.


Leo requested a raise from her boss.

Isn't there something I can help with?

The typhoon caused a tree to tumble on my yard.

Bradley didn't seem exactly overjoyed to see us.

I have lost both principal and interest.


I figure that she will succeed in her business.

Phill works at a supermarket.

The old man stroked his beard thoughtfully.

We need to make up for lost time.

I'm not that tense.

That may be a misunderstanding.

I'm not allowed to talk.

I ate her.

The house was burned to ashes.

You can't understand.

Are you going to eat this?

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Claudio is the only chauffeur that No has ever had.

The more time you spend talking about what you do, the less time you have to do it.

Can I visit an art gallery?


Ping double-checked his door to make sure it was locked.


Where were you when Leonard needed help?

He was the first man to climb Mt. Fuji in the winter.

I completely lost my train of thought

Don't touch anything, OK?

Casper wrote the letter himself.

We'd be happy to help.

Mr. Smith is an acquaintance of his.

The children left for camp this morning.

We need to cut down operating costs.

Ilya could stay at our house for a couple of weeks if he needs to.

Piotr works in a lumber yard.

I don't see your point.

I'm writing this letter to Giovanni.

If you watch this TV drama, you will understand the lives of ordinary people in the Edo Age very well.

I wouldn't regret this later.


I had to fix the toaster.

What do you think we should do?

What's the big hurry?