Why does anyone care?

What did Terry order?

Vidhyanath and Spencer have gone swimming together a number of times.

An automobile ran over him.

I'm being patient right now.

Where's everyone going tonight?

Vistlik has been appointed chairman.

Let's try to stop that from happening.


When did you join the force?

Floyd said that he doesn't really want that to happen.

Why do I have to help them?

He had to go without food for days.

What were you doing at the time of her death?


She looks cute with her hair short.

Give me an exact answer.

It can't really be that easy, can it?

What's wrong with him?

I don't suppose it's going to be sunny.

I have no one to save me.

Tell Simon I don't have his money.

I often brake before I change down.

This book is quite above me.

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Do you know how to use a dictionary?

I feel it now.

I don't go there so often anymore.

She didn't think it was funny.

I only heard the end of Piet's speech.

I don't have shoes on.

Now that I hate Merton, all of my attention has been redirected to John.

Brad is being very cynical, isn't he?

Sleep's the best thing for her.

The inability to beat up a classmate has produced more great thinkers than all the secrets of the Universe.

Those who have no children educate them well.

I'm getting used to my job.

He keeps telling the same jokes over and over again.


Ira was expelled from the Senate.

Let's send Tiefenthal a letter of thanks.

If slapped on one cheek, turn the other cheek.

Your zipper's open.

There was a man who had three sons.

I'm not too encouraged by what I've seen.

You'd better ask her first.


They do like her.

This is the house where Joanne grew up.

He can swim a mile.

Right now, there isn't much I can do to help.

Leung had just started to clean his room when Kaj came over to visit.

You aren't Japanese.

She is brave to live alone in the desert.

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I'm going to go buy some materials today.


What did Emil tell you about that?

She advised us that it would rain all day.

I'm going to have my eyes examined.

Ruth was about to be killed, but he didn't know it.

I'll ride shotgun.

I got up late this morning.

In order to improve your language skills, try to find books written in the language you are learning.

Lance forgot to turn off the microphone when he turned to say something to Israel.

Would you please quit asking me that?

That's something to think about.

Jarl will never catch me.

The murmur of the brook lulls me to sleep.

The garden has a wooden fence.

I'll bet your arteries are already hardening from all those French fries!

Carol will have left for London by eight tomorrow.


Hey, you!

She has pearly eyes.

She doesn't use salt when cooking.

Put the money in your pocket.

May I interrupt?

Bernie smiled humbly.

He averted her eyes.

Butler was in the kitchen.

Now think of the possibilities.

I'm sure Cary will ask you to the dance.

From this time the man and his wife lived so happily together that it was a pleasure to see them.

I thought you'd reach the same conclusion as I did.

You owe him an apology.

Saify is the only one here with a real job.

We'll let her decide.

I have to defend myself.

I want to fit into those jeans.


Don't feel so bad. There's always someone worse off than you.

I made it myself.

Let's never lie to each other.

Almost everything you do will seem insignificant, but it is important that you do it.

Bring mangos.

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I feel deeply for you.


Irwin and Alberto have an extraordinarily happy marriage.

Please return your order form along with a self-addressed envelope.

She had a happy time with them.

Welcome to our first Italian class.

His success was due in part to good luck.

He felt very lonely.

Only a few people came to the meeting yesterday.

I need paper for the printer.

Suyog doesn't want this.


Do I curse too much?

Wendi tends to be a bit grumpy.

We made you a cake.

Come on. You can do it.

Do you have anything to declare?

He knows how to find water in the desert.

Yesterday I was on my way home from work when I ran smack into my old girlfriend.

I was promoted three months ago.

Did you think you were right?

Yamamoto is one of my friends too.

Whenever Betty comes to Boston, he stays with us.

It really is nice.

I've just finished doing my French homework.

Nate won't give up so easily.

I have been lying around the house like a decrepit old bag of onions since I broke my leg.

Today, we had two false alarms.

Lynne's a clever one.

How much does a ticket cost for the concert?

Phiroze thought Troy's dress wasn't appropriate for the occasion.


He is my friend. Do you guys know him?

I'm not asking them to forgive me.

When did Victoria become Queen?

His life is perfectly fulfilled.

You should have known better than to go out in the rain without an umbrella.

Now, join the game.

She had to part with her fur coat.

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I want to go to India.


What's your advice?

Tomas has an attitude problem.

This chapter of the book describes the crime as seen by the criminal.

Hanako questioned his sincerity.

By the time you arrive, all arrangements will have been made.


Gary should've never let Mann go.

Laurie is taking good care of himself.

International rescue teams are at the ready to fly to Japan.

How have you been coping?

I'm dying of thirst. Give me water!

Simina spends a lot of money on cigarettes.

No one answered.

I know how Amir used to be.

On top of that, the Chinese like taking naps.

Both were silent, because there are some emotions that can only be expressed by remaining silent.

I got her an ice cream so that she wouldn't get depressed.

He left in a rush.

Many fish swim in the river.


Manjeri has three older sisters.

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Is that your final decision?

We're sophisticated.

Nathaniel was a prison guard.

Vilhelm asked the wrong questions.

I wonder what the future has in store for us.


I was speechless with emotion.

I used to go straight home after work.

We just got married, and this is our honeymoon.


Dory wants to be more like Kathryn.

The beautiful blonde was sunbathing on the beach.

Martin had work to do.

Thierry laughed at himself.

She fell in love with a young artist.

Some rich people and corporations don't pay their fair share in taxes.

This rule isn't suited to the present situation.


There was no student in the playground.


I had soon given up all hope.


Are you sure you're not busy?


Joseph and Susanne are at one of the tables in the back of the restaurant.

She pretty much keeps to herself.

do you ever feel I'm breaking down?

The dog kept barking all night.

I'm really confused.

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Don't go away.

He left a note to the effect that he was going out for lunch.

I'll do my best to stop it.

She'll go in for the beauty contest.

I always feel hungry.

Jackson received no answer to his letter.

Marion's defiant.

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I don't think we've got much time.