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Passion creates suffering.


Winston has been stealing from us.

Let's not even talk about that today.

It will make you think about the things you think about in your thoughts.

I don't know him personally.

I used to go ice fishing when I was younger.


Tell him I'm sorry.

He worked up a good reputation through this business.

I must tell him.

TEPCO is unable to stop the flow of dirty water contaminated with highly radioactive material.

Are you going to tell me what's wrong?

Andre came to live with Nguyen in the trailer.

I liked your hair before you got straight bangs.

You shouldn't speak with your mouth full.

We knew that in advance.

Your record in mathematics is good.

Jeanne was clearly interested in Ricardo. He was not the only one.


What in the world got into you?

I'm going to defeat you.

We were supposed to tell everyone to leave.

It is a little cool today.

Left-wing communism is an infantile disorder.

Detective Dan Anderson took Linda in for questioning.

The bartender came out from behind the counter to stop the fight.


"Is it OK to eat this mushroom?" "It's OK to eat anything once."


Do not translate this sentence!

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I invited scores of people to my birthday party.

The reporters demanded to know why the mayor wouldn't talk to them.

In his fantasy, he imagined he was a famous writer.

Let's go out! It's not raining.

Clarissa was caught cheating on an exam.

Dan didn't even speak.

Three women and a goose make a market.

There are many different kinds of clocks, including wristwatches, wall clocks, digital watches, gold watches, cuckoo clocks, quartz watches, stopwatches, timer and tower clocks.

Every function should have comments describing its purpose in order to avoid confusions.

He has no common sense.

Sofia tapped on the window.


Miriam liked Australia.


Equality is guaranteed by the Constitution.


She has selective hearing.


Is everyone OK?


What happened to the other guy?

You'd better not tell him.

The people who were involved in Pierrette's death do not have the slightest regrets.


This project is more than two years behind schedule.

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You can't keep that secret.

I don't know German.

They all searched for the lost child.

Even a child can answer the question.

I want your opinion on this.

He acquired education late in his life.

When the thunderstorm moved in, Grandma laid down her fork with the words: "God lets the sleeper sleep, and punishes the glutton."

The man plucked up courage and pulled the trigger.

We don't talk much.


I intended to have visited him at his office.

"How is it?" "Well, yes ... could be some signs of dehydration."

Sometimes that happens.

American songs were on the air.

I'm not interested. Buzz off.


The elephant is grey.

What are you guys doing for dinner tonight?

Call the ambulance immediately!


They paid me in kind.


See you tomorrow!

Is love real or is it just an illusion?

Are you a translator?

It took a moment for Daren to find his voice.

He wants his approval.


Carl believes that he has been physically touched by a ghost.

Suddenly she felt tiny, worthless and miserable.

Kemal got plenty of help.

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Please hang onto the strap.

I think Sheila isn't right.

I prefer the mountains to the ocean.

I saw a flash of lightning far in the distance.

Loukas's coat kept him warm.

I gave my old clothes for the flea market sale.

Nature provides other forms of protection against environmental dangers.

French is not all that difficult to learn.

Daren always keeps some aspirin in his jacket pocket.


Have you ever heard of a Canadian guitarist named Eddie Jackson?


Why don't you tell me about Nhan?

I know you were close to her.

Yes, I'll have sherry.

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Mahesh is good at tennis, isn't he?

What do you think is the best Christmas present for a woman?

I'm writing to Tanaka.

Cathrin and Carole were sitting at the counter.

I can't tell you how angry that makes me.


Today is the first day of fall.

He had the right idea.

Bob drank the shot of tequila down in one gulp.

We can try again later.

He has carried on his business as a builder for many years.


I often played soccer when I was young.

Calvin is still trying to find a job.

Man, you're something!


It's your turn to take out the garbage.


We won't be late.

He laughed a merry laugh.

A lie can travel halfway around the world while the truth is putting on its shoes.

Jinny's wife died in childbirth.

Do you guys want to read what I wrote?

Please speak in a low voice.

Price is a fighter.

I'd like to make you a proposal.

You admit that you lied, right?


Norm's story was very depressing.


With heads respectfully bowed, they carried the coffin up the steps and into the small chapel.


Mann told me I had to leave.


I didn't get a job.

There must be a logical explanation for this.

He banged his knee.

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You surprise me all the time!


That's the only way up.

The truth is in front of her face.

You might be able to help me.

I've spent so many years as chairman that I feel it's time I stepped down.

The whole family was sitting around the campfire.

Did I ever tell you why I moved to Boston?

Now I am free.

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No one can escape growing old.

Cool fall is here.

We're all worried about Jennifer.

What stopped him?

Smoke issuing from chimneys is a cause of air pollution.

The traffic's congested.

But I have to take night shifts twice a week.

The dog ran around and around the tree.

And another thing, do you play the violin?


Even a stopped clock is right twice a day.


Where do we start looking?

When William Herschel discovered Uranus, he at first thought he had discovered a comet.

Ssi was very tired.

Tell me what you think about Archie.

Everybody should have a purpose.

Kees is wearing clothes.

I turned the page.

I've located Bea.

We need a response.

I think Kristian is a good leader.

How did you know Francois and Colin were here?

Hubert was wearing an old t-shirt with holes in it.

The shops were all closed.

I hope you enjoy yourself this evening.

Cynthia promised to check things out.

I'd like to have the sauce on the side, please.

Ravindran is in good position.

Stop me if you've heard this one.

He did it again.

I believe that we can do it.

The Telega, a Russian four-wheel car when it leaves, and a two-wheeled car when it arrives.

This imbecile has sharp teeth.

He was bullied as a kid.

You're doing a great job here.

It's happening now.

She'll return home tomorrow.

It's the living image of your grandfather.

They are amid the city noises.

We eat here.

She showed a great deal of wit in handling the delicate question.

Whenever the people are well informed, they can be trusted with their own government; that whenever things get so far wrong as to attract their notice, they may be relied on to set them to rights.


Allied military leaders found a way to defeat the Japanese plan.