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My favorite pianist is Frederic Chopin.

What she says is very true.

Are you going to attend ceremony?

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She went home and cried.


Tait is in need of medical attention right away.

The goal of education is not wealth or status, but personal development.

That's me - the coward unable to muster his courage and find out the truth.

What's the best way to get in touch with you?

I can take you to them.

I've been waiting for almost half an hour.

I'm going with Edith.


Lisa seems sick.


My mother taught me that it's not polite to point.


As far as I'm concerned, I have no complaint.

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We can't call Damon as a witness.


Kusum was practically drooling over her.

As far as I know, Izzy is still married.

I'll talk it over with Matti and see what he thinks.

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I made a list of the students' names in alphabetical order.

Edward Everett did not agree with Lincoln.

Has anything like this happened before?

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I'm the one who's been lied to.

I think you're being too hard on Stacy.

What's your favorite cookbook?

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She is busy cooking dinner.

My shop is on the main street of the town.

Fizzy water isn't very popular in America.

The machine has some of its parts missing.

Richard spent the weekend at his beach house.

What is her problem?

We need to check something out.

I decided to try to learn Esperanto, just to make a new experience.

Have you thought about what I said?


Siegurd is an accomplished artist.


I'd rather throw it away than give it to him.


I love my dad.

Okay, let's go.

Tandy has been working hard the whole time.

Do you know where Tovah is from?

The dog went under the table.

He is in want of good assistants.

I still say we should've helped Ozan.

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Henry watches on TV all informative programms

If you want to criticise other people, first you must improve your own methods.

Do you still play golf?

All languages being equal, English is the most equal of all.

Both you and I are men.

He must be very tired after a long walk.

Please leave her alone.

We have a lot of relatives.

I've never been to a professional baseball game.


Which one is the department store?


Accidents will happen in the best-regulated families.


If you want me to stay, just tell me.

Kerry pretended to be busy.

Guinness is my favorite beer.

Have you ever stuck a poster on a wall?

I'd like to send these to Japan.

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He believes that the moon landings never happened.


She's in a good mood today.

Sriram raked up all the leaves.

Shyam knows better than to lend Blake money.

Murthy is lucky, isn't he?

I didn't know them then.

Special forces and marriage don't go together.

Why are you asking?

You're going to be so happy here.

I don't translate, therefore I am not.

Blair was a bit surprised when he saw Sharada and John kissing.

Glen has moved to Boston.

You won't fool me with your flattery.

Why aren't you in school?


Jef wondered if Lonhyn was going to kiss him.

I saw him last weekend.

We've stopped doing that.

Bob climbed the ladder.

She pressed her nose against the sheet of glass.


I don't know why.

Rich decided to buy a new computer.

I'm doing casting for the film.

Your willing is always affected by the objective conditions, as when you want to show your filial piety to your parents but they are already gone.

Gail is walking around.


Don't go, my friends.

The boy filled his bag with clothes.

My uncle lives in London.


Her eyes settled on the dress.

Do you really want to know what I think?

George earned money by playing his guitar on street corners.

"How about some horror stories?" "No, I'd rather not mess with those kinds of things."

What'll you do if I don't give you my permission?

Nguyen promised to meet me there.

Is this the place?

Many lives were lost.

Let's give Tyler a chance to do the right thing.

They breed cattle and horses.

The gun hadn't been fired.

It's a lot less likely for a Macintosh computer to have a virus than a computer running Windows.

It's impossible to translate this sentence without a dictionary.

I am not in a situation to discuss this problem.

They wake up at six every morning.

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It took me two hours to memorize this sentence.

The calculation of the budget for next year is based on the costs this year.

Michael was caught harboring a fugitive.

He thinks that he's the centre of the universe.

What were Lois's complaints?

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Show me your pockets.

That's a great start!

You can always count on them.


Can we hold a meeting about this tomorrow?

I guess you've got a lot of questions.

Serbian trains are terribly slow.

Translating this poem is too much for me.

I was just going out, when it began to rain.

I didn't let Barton know that I was coming.

People sharing a ride should refrain from conversation with other passengers.


What were the symptoms?

My home is about three miles from here.

Of the two of them, one heads east and one heads west.


How has your weekend been so far?

I would like to know how much it costs.

She grew up in the harsh environment of New York City.


I usually get up at about six-thirty.

The answer irritated me.

Mother Theresa devoutly cared for old people.

Why don't you tell me what happened last night?

I don't want to move again.

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Marnix shovelled the snow off the roof after the snowstorm.


Stanley told me where you were.

Give me your phone.

That suit you bought was a good choice.

My sister is a twenty-one years old college student.

Furthermore, in order to defeat Ganon, Link mends the eight scattered fragments of the triforce of wisdom, in order to have the magic triangle.

I repeated my name.

I don't like this kind of music.


Have I ever told about how I met your mother?

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I have the book on hand.

The bride came into the room with lowered eyes and with everyone staring at her.

I don't have a mortgage.


Do whatever needs to be done.

Rajarshi tried to open the door, but he was not able to.

No one can protect you.

I think we can accept that.

Today I didn't go to school, neither did you.

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We can haggle over price later.

Someone left their umbrella in the hall.

I had a long conversation with Wendell about that.


You may stay with me for the time being.

Can you come to my office immediately?

A cynic is a blackguard whose faulty vision sees things as they are, not as they ought to be.

Rajendra was mugged on his way home from work.

In many countries today there is a problem of violence.

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Stagger went skiing alone.


Did Jock have anything interesting to say?


I want to become a French teacher.

If you really loved him, then it wouldn't matter.

The vase she broke is my aunt's.


Don't mind me, Emma. Just keep doing whatever it is you were doing.

Bret wouldn't tell Ronni where he lived.

The bank has loaned the company $1,000,000.